What may be the different liver states?

If it suffers from several chronic aggressions, the condition of the liver may deteriorate. My Liver Exam invites you to learn more about these different liver conditions. What are fibrosis, cirrhosis or steatosis? What is the condition of the liver? How do they manifest themselves?

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What is fibrosis?

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Fibrosis is a liver scar tissue. It develops when the liver cells have been damaged, when they have suffered from chronic chemical aggressions, such as excessive alcohol, or virus.

Is fibrosis reversible?

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Yes, if the cause of the disease is treated and if the lesions are not too severe.

What is cirrhosis?

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Cirrhosis is not a cancer, but a liver state, including long term fibrosis. Common causes of liver damage include alcohol, viral hepatitis, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

What is hepatitis?

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Hepatitis is not a liver cancer, but a liver inflammation. There are several types of hepatitis: viral, alcoholic, steatohepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, acute hepatitis.

By which way hepatitis B cannot be transmitted?

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Simple physical and skin contact does not allow the virus to go from one host to another.

Which of the following is a mode of transmission for Hepatitis B, but not for Hepatitis C?

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Transmission through sexual contact is rare. The risk exists in case of blood presence during sexual contacts.

What is steatosis?

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Steatosis, commonly known as "fatty liver disease", is an accumulation of fat in liver cells.